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Planning + Design

What exactly does "Full Service" entail? In summary, I take care of and walk you through absolutely every aspect involved with your wedding. This option is perfect for the couple that may not have a lot of time to plan their wedding, has no idea where to even start with planning a wedding, or really just wants an experienced professional by their side through one of the most important times of their lives. I break down the hundreds of to-do's into manageable tasks and do all the hard parts for you. When it comes to choosing a venue, I will narrow the list from 250+ down to 6 or 7 that I think fit you and your needs best. From there, we dive into details together. Same thing with each member of your vendor team. My whole goal is to make sure you just get to do the fun stuff and enjoy every second of being engaged!

The Symphony Experience includes developing and designing your wedding vision, full design of your ceremony and reception, budget creation and management, helping you choose your best fit venue and vendor team, site visits, scheduling and attending all vendor meetings, being your planning point of contact for every member of your team, negotiating on your behalf, designing, assembling & mailing your save the dates and invitations, guest list and RSVP management, providing you with an incredibly knowledgeable resource for any and all questions you have throughout the process, guiding you through the planning with 100% honesty and with your best interests in mind at all times, everything that comes with coordinating your wedding day as well as taking care of you two and your wedding party, plus so much more! 

A La Carte


Partial planning is for the couple that is looking to mainly DIY their wedding, but would love some professional assistance with a couple services. Maybe you just need help finding the perfect venue, and then can take it from there. Or you have your venue and your vendor team but would love to have your wedding designed for you. This would be the perfect option for you. We utilize an a la carte menu of services for partial planning. We would look through this menu together and discuss which services would benefit you the most as well as which services fit in your budget best.  



Wedding Management is a step above Day-of Coordination. You receive all of our coordination services for your rehearsal as well as the wedding day. In addition, we provide you with planning resources at the very beginning of booking. No need to wait until 6 weeks out to ask questions and discuss wedding details. This is perfect for the couple that can plan their entire wedding on their own but would love a couple check-ins every few months to consult with a pro. This ensures that everything is on track and nothing is forgotten. Worksheets and wedding discounts are included with this option.


Day-of Coordination is so much more than just showing up on your wedding day. It really begins a month and a half prior. We discuss everything you have planned so that we can perfectly carry out your vision. We get in touch with your venue and all of your vendors to make sure that everyone is on the same page with information. All timing and small details are triple checked to make sure that all i's are dotted and t's are crossed. This option is perfect for the couple that is excited to plan their wedding on their own but needs assistance at crunch time when the stress starts to set in and all details need to be finalized. Are you bringing a lot of decor and need someone to set everything up while taking pressure off of Mom and the Wedding Party? Do you want to make sure the day runs smoothly and that someone is there to advocate on your behalf in case something goes wrong? We are here for you. We handle all set up, break down, and clean up necessary for your venue.


Where will you take us next?

Destination Weddings are for couples looking to have a wedding outside of Las Vegas. It can be your current city, or any city in the world. Are you wanting to get married in a different city and you have no idea where to start with venue and vendor searching to make sure you hire a team you can trust? We help you with the entire full planning process as well as all of the unique aspects to having a destination wedding. We bring any decor or extras with us for you and take care of any errands that need to be run upon our arrival. You won't have to worry about a thing except enjoying every second in this location.

Are you wanting a destination wedding but are not sure what city, state, or country you want to go to? We do all of the research for you and show you the pros and cons of each location to make sure you are making the best choice for your wedding needs. Or maybe you've heard really wonderful things about the amazing planning process we provide and you just HAVE to work with us! We are beyond flattered and are SO IN! Let's do this!


Please review the details on The Symphony Experience at the top of this page. With destination weddings you will receive all of those services for whichever destination you choose. As with full planning, destination weddings are completely custom priced based on the location and your unique planning needs. We always take the costs of travel and lodging into consideration when pricing our services to even out the amount you're paying. We don't just add travel fees to the full service pricing, we reduce the cost of the planning to cover our travel or, depending on the location, we will include the travel fees in the price for planning.​​​


Experience award-winning excellence & seamless planning.
Your dream day as a symphony of unforgettable moments.

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