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Christine & Davisson

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Christine & Davisson

The Planning - My now husband and I got engaged in November 2020 and began looking for a full service wedding planner in January 2021 for our destination wedding in Las Vegas. Brittany was the first one we spoke with and we felt in our guts after that first virtual meeting that she was the one for us. Her enthusiasm was infectious and we could feel her energy through the Zoom call. My husband and I agreed that at the end of the day, if you've done your research, whoever you pick will likely plan a beautiful wedding, so we prioritized picking someone we felt a connection to and for us, that was Brittany. She truly cares about planning and executing your dream wedding and will go above and beyond. Brittany was very pleasant to work with while also being straightforward with her opinions when we needed guidance. She will not hesitate to tell you what she thinks is or is not a good investment, which we so appreciated. We had delayed communication with our venue (not Brittany's fault) and she did her best to make sure we were compensated. We didn't have a detailed vision of what we wanted but Brittany was able to take our vague ideas and messy Pinterest boards and execute a gorgeous wedding.


The Wedding Weekend - Since it was a destination wedding and a lot of our guests were coming in from out of town, we wanted it to be a weekend experience. Brittany handled planning the whole weekend for us, from rehearsal/rehearsal dinner and welcome cocktails on Friday evening to the wedding and the after-party at the nightclub on Saturday to the farewell brunch on Sunday. Day of the wedding, she and her team of professionals handled every single detail so I truly only had to worry about myself. Her full planning wedding service comes with a dedicated bridal assistant who was by my side all day and helped me with anything I needed.


In conclusion - The best investment we made for our wedding weekend was choosing Brittany as our planner. She set the tone of the 20 months of planning with her vibrant personality from our first call. She recommended vendors based on our budget and what we were looking for and gave honest feedback about vendor pricing & what to expect if we went with a specific vendor. We are so happy with the vendors she recommended that we chose. She's very detailed and knowledgeable. She knows when to provide her opinions and when to let us make a decision without us being influenced. Brittany truly cares about her couples and making sure we get our dream wedding. I am not exaggerating when I say she goes above and beyond for her couples. For example, I realized after the reception before the after-party that I needed my bouquet as I needed to take it to the bouquet preservation shop the next morning so I called Brittany. She confirmed she had my bouquet but knew I was rushing to make it to the after-party where I had 40+ guests waiting for me and offered to take it to the shop instead (something I totally would never have expected her to offer but so, so appreciated!!!). We also know she cares about her couples even after the wedding because it's been 6 months since our wedding and she sent a sympathy card after learning of our cat's passing, which was also appreciated. Brittany truly gave us our dream wedding weekend and we cannot thank her & her team enough.

- Christine

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